The following is an email from Sanford Grey, Director of Operations at Fairfield Medical Home to Beatrice Douglas at


Email was sent four days prior to the Bloomington Blast.




10:01 a.m.


SUBJECT: URGENT—Living Will of John Douglas


Dear Beatrice,


We have failed to reach you via your home phone and cell phone after multiple attempts. We are emailing to inform you that you have been identified as the sole remaining executor of Jonathan Wyatt Douglas’s living will, as John has no surviving children, wife, or siblings other than you. We are aware you have not communicated with him for some time now. Regardless, it is our duty to inform you that John fell into a coma early this morning after suffering a series of strokes the day before.


It is likely that John’s aged body is preparing for its final stage. Per our policy, we have oxygen tanks and meds available to make John comfortable, but it is only a matter of time before the inevitable claims him. Per John’s living will, it falls on you to decide whether to continue or cease his treatment. His insurance will expire in one month’s time and any debt incurred thereon will be yours. If you have any questions regarding financial obligations, contact our commissions department at ___-_______.


On a personal note, though I feel we’ve provided great comfort to John in his twilight, it pains me to know only the staff is here to see him through. All of his friends have passed away or are too ill to visit. No family exists, with the exception of you, his chosen sister. 


I never tired of hearing John’s story of how you met. How when leaving the orphanage, he took an ad out in the paper to “adopt a family” of his own—how touched he was to see the community’s response. In the end, he decided to adopt another orphan, you, as his own sister. The adventures the two of you must have had tending the farm over the years! The story warms my heart. 


It is not my business to know what happened between the two of you. But I would encourage you to visit your brother if possible. At the very least, if you were to write a letter or email, I will personally read it to him. 


I hope that in doing this, you both can make your peace with one another.


Let us know how you’d like to proceed, and God bless.



Sanford Grey




An email response from Beatrice Douglas came the next day on March 4, only three days prior to the Bloomington Blast.




Pull the plug. 




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