Continuation of The Zero Hour Radio Broadcast and Podcast originally aired on March 7, the evening following the Bloomington Blast – Part 2.





Carl:     And we’re back! You’re listening to Zero Hour. I am your host, Conspiracy Carl, and on drums is the never-pleasant, Mark Devin.


Devin:     Yah, yah, everyone knows who we are. You left me hanging before the break. What do you know that I don’t know? What’s your theory on the Bloomington Blast?


Carl:     Oh, it’s big, I can assure you.


Devin:     Awwww, you got nothing!


Carl:     So little faith! But before I drop my truth bomb, we got a couple callers on the line who want to chime in on the explosion. Jonah, you are on Zero Hour!


Jonah:     Hello? Am I on?


Carl:     Turn off your radio, Jonah, there’s a seven-second delay.


Jonah:     Hello? Hello!


Carl:     Turn off your—screw it. Bye, Jonah! Callers, remember there’s a seven second delay. Turn off your radio and just talk to us on the phone. Next caller, BLOCKED, you’re on the air with Zero Hour. How are you?


BLOCKED:    Wish I could say I was better.


Carl:     You sound pretty shaken up, BLOCKED, you okay?


BLOCKED:    I didn’t know who else to call! I had the dream, you know? This morning, do you understand? It’s my fault! I had the dream, and I turn on the radio, and you guys are talking about . . .


Carl:     Hey, hey, we’re not shrinks! Prescreen said you had something to say about the Bloomington Blast, not air your sick fantasies on national radio.


BLOCKED:    I dreamed the explosion!


Carl:     You’ve got five seconds to start making sense.


BLOCKED:    I dreamed it! Then it happened, you know? There were others too! I know there were others, I felt them in my dream, in my head, but I can’t find them!


Devin:     Hang on, Carl, I want to hear this. 


BLOCKED:    I need a way to contact the others, so that we can, I don’t know, figure this whole thing out!


Carl:     What? Figure WHAT out?


BLOCKED:    How the dream killed all those people! So that we don’t dream it again!


Carl:     Wait, wait, wait—you’re saying your dream somehow caused the explosion in Bloomington this morning? 


BLOCKED:    Yes! All the dreamers did! We gotta find them!


Carl:     Wow. BLOCKED. I can stretch my imagination quite a bit. I can open my mind to a lot of farfetched stuff. But this? This just doesn’t make any sense! And you haven’t given me anything solid to go off! So I’m gonna move on and—


Devin:     Don’t hang up! 


Carl:     What? Nooooooo! Too late! Buh Bye, BLOCKED!


Devin:     Look at the switchboard, Carl! 


Carl:     Huh. Are you kidding me?


Devin:     Prescreen says they all had the dream too.


Carl:     We don’t even know what—? Okay, okay, you know what? Fine. Let’s play this out. That’s what we do, right, Devin? 


Devin:     Uhh. Yah.


Carl:     We’re not idiots. If these callers just want to say they had the dream and feed into this, we’re smarter than that. BLOCKED implied you all had the same dream, and the minute one of you describes it on the air, the rest of you can just say ‘yah, me too!’ Forget it. Devin just volunteered to speak with each of you individually off the air to see if you match up.


Devin:     Gladly.


Carl:     And BLOCKED, if you’re out there, call back. I promise I won’t hang up on you this time.


(Cue outro music.)


Carl:     What do you think, America? Are these dreams the result of some mass hysteria triggered by the morning’s tragedy? A hypnotic suggestion? And I haven’t even dropped my truth bomb yet! Stay tuned, and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it all on Zero Hour!





(Copyright 2014.  Dave Cravens.)

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