For a third of my test readers, the very title of my book drove them to madness.  "It's going to turn people off," I was told.  "And I love your book!  I want people to read it, and I think some people are going to mistake it for some religious self-help thing!"

These were the impassioned pleas of a few, but they had a point.  Depending on one's background, an aversion to religion may very well turn a potential reader off who would otherwise really enjoy the story.  For me, the title spoke to what I felt was the unique plot point of the book itself!  "The god thought" is central to the entire idea, and married with the right image for the cover, I hoped would make people wonder what it's truly about and pick it up to read more about it.

I think I've settled on the right cover, thanks to the efforts of a good friend of mine, Matt Schiel.  The unsettling image speaks to a mystery most potential readers want to know more about!

But no, The God Thought is NOT a religious self-help book.  Nor is it appropriate for younger readers.  There are extremely adult, mature and violent themes that transpire within its pages.

What The God Thought IS, is an adventure of the wildest sort.  It is a journey of epic proportions. It is a test of one's outlook on life, death and everything in between.  But most of all, it is a thrilling story that I hope you'll enjoy.  I invite you to preview the sample pages I've posted, and come back every Tuesday to read more.

Note, that the book is told as a combination of social media postings, documents, and narrative chapters.  So it will be a few weeks before Chapter 1 is actually posted.  If you can't wait for it, contact me at and I'll send you an epub file of my first 100 pages.

Trust me, once most of you get rolling on this thing--you're not going to want to stop.