..."I'll get to it.  I've still got 15 days to back the novel!  I mean, it looks RIVETING, but you know, I've got a Destiny raid tonight!  Or have to cook brownies!  Or do my holiday shopping!  I'll back it eventually!"  Trust me, you're talking to the King of Procrastinators.  I love to make friends sweat it out and swoop in with a last minute win.  But why wait?  If you're liking what you see - I say "go for it!"  Head over to my Kickstarter, find an option that appeals to you and back it!  You'll feel better.  I'll feel better.  It'll be great.  And thanks again to those who've backed the novel already.  Thanks to your generous offers we're about a third to the goal already!  You guys rock, and I appreciate it!