Hey all!  Lot's of news to report.

First, my book has officially moved from the pre-production phase at the publishing house to full on PRODUCTION.  What does that mean?  Now that we got all the legal mumbo jumbo and documents signed and approved, the publisher will start laying the physical book out on the printed page.  Yes!  So THAT happened.

Oh!  And I'll be doing my first live interview about the novel tonight with Scott Haire on Crossing the Void Radio at 9:30 eastern, 6:30 pacific!

Scott is a big fan of Ghost Provokers so I'll bet that comes up in the conversation.  When I've been on his show before, it's always been in character as "Dr. David Jordan" - who is a complete moron and a lot of fun to play.  (It still blows my mind that despite our best efforts there are those out there who remain convinced Ghost Provokers is the real deal!) 

Regardless, I'll be appearing as myself for the interview.  

And hopefully not look as big of an idiot as Dr. Jordan does.

Go easy on me, Scott.  ;)